BICs (Built in Cupboards)


Built In Bedroom Cupboards 

Today bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep, we at Schränke can transform your bedroom into a modern place with smartly designed space saving concepts and design ideas.  Bedroom cupboards are there to assist with the organization of clothing.  The space in which we store our clothes has become more convenient over time and at Schränke the options are endless.  Undergarment drawers can be added to cupboards, making storing undergarments and socks easy and care free.  Shoe shelving and draws are popular as well as pull-out tie and belt racks. Whether doing a basic clothing storage cupboard or a master walk in closet, the split between shelving space and hanging space has always been one third packing space to two thirds hanging space as we tend to hang more than we pack.  Single hanging options are for longer garments such as suites, coats or dresses. Skirts, Shirts and trousers can be stored in double hanging cupboards, saving space.

Material ranges from full doors on hinges or at a premium, sliding mirror doors make for a stylish finish that does not tie you down to a specific colour.  We provide full colour carcasses, white carcasses or if the budget is tight we also do chipboard carcasses. The Built in cupboards can also be used to store luggage or linen, where reinforced shelving will be used to carry the weight of the items.  These cupboards can be used to store any item and are used in the garage, passage, study, bar or out buildings.

Generally the height of these cupboards would be between 2.4 meters to 2.7 meters and the space to the ceiling can be filled with a ceiling filler, alternatively special height can be arranged to meet the needs of clients looking for ultimate storage. We have two options of which you may choose from: cupboards fitted directly to the wall without backing, or our system with every cupboard having built in backs. This will depend on your budget as well as the state of the bedroom cupboard wall.

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