The kitchen is the engine of your home, the key is functionality.  From storage areas to cleaning zones, the kitchen has changed and become the heart of the home offering practical solutions to everyday life.  Styles of kitchens vary from modern to contemporary to traditional and so the list goes on, modern kitchens are minimalist and simple with functional cupboard fittings instead of filling walls with cupboards.   Country kitchens are full of character and usually fill most walls with plate racks, wine racks, turned legs and all the trimmings. Contemporary kitchens are often open spaces with natural elements in either the doors or counter tops and often paired with neutral colours.

Materials and products have increased in variety over the decades and the area in which you store the items to run your household has been integrated into our living space.  Sizes and shape of the area you want to renovate often limit storage but with insert fittings from top quality suppliers from Europe make storing effortless.

When renovating your kitchen, keep in mind that when you cook you need easy access to your fridge and sink, which might incur some plumbing and electrical costs but making the experience of working in your kitchen an advantage in the long run.  From cost effective kitchens to top of the range bespoke pieces of art, material options are endless and always affect the cost of the renovation. Schränke offers a wide range of materials and products from various reputable suppliers.  A number of our suppliers offer different kinds of warranties and guaranties which allows Schränke to pass this on to our clients.

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