Home offices, Reception desks and Studies

Home studies are becoming an essential part of today’s lifestyle. With more people becoming self-made entrepreneurs and home executives. We at Schränke have created custom designed home offices.  These have been designed with your unique requirements in mind.  In doing so this has become a well-planned and aesthetically pleasing area.

Designing of the ultimate home study

For the hobbyist we design functional drawers and pull out cupboards for storage of tooling, technology and craft products.  When designing a home office, we take into consideration the following: deeper counter tops for seamstresses or scrap book artists, Library shelving to specific dimensions and requirements for the avid reader.  In today’s times with all the IT specialists we are ale to also design according to office device specifications and sizes for optimum storage and organized cabling.

Styles of home studies

At Schränke we manufacture in house thus we are able to customize cupboards to your specification.  Styles vary when designing your home office, from walls filled with cupboards for ultimate storage or a minimalist look where floating shelves are used and only a desk is placed in the center of the room.  Traditionally the home office would be constructed out of Solid wood or a Veneer, thus creating the traditional Boston look. However, with the vast range of products that Schränke offers there are more modern products you can use to create a home office with your signature and style finish appeal. You can create a modern twist to a home office by using one soft simple colour and combining it with bright coloured high gloss accents.  There are also a number of different textured and embossed boards you can also combine that will create a space that is stylish and that sets your home office apart from just a place to store important documents.

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